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hi me (yeah, i'm talking to myself)

I know you're going to forget, so I'm leaving a reminder for you about what you need to do today when you get home from work:

You've wrapped up three RP scenes this evening and all three of them need to be posted on the IC community because having all those crazy place holders all over looks funny. However, before any of them are posted, what you need to do is go through them and see if the poses you have made measure up to par. If not, fix them.

Next, you need to bug rekichan to finish that Draco and Wayne scene with you, because it's kinda important as Draco now wants to retaliate against Wayne for attempting to stuff his head into the loo. There's also inami, who is looking for a conclusion to that Remus and Tonks in Hogsmeade scene.

Once the roleplay aspects are taken care of and the logs with Harry, Daphne and Narcissa editted, plus that one involving Anthony to catch it up with the Narcissa one, you have a journal entry for Draco that needs to be perfected and an apologetic owl to Narcissa that needs to be sent.

After all these are done, you must speak with inami and provide him with the information that he will need in order to write those two Daily Prophet articles that are very important to the underlaying plot of the game. They will be posted next week, however, it's always good to be prepared for next week is still too soon.

Speaking of plots, you will be starting one with karasu on Wednesday. Icons are be needed for this, so you know what to look for. Get out and find them ASAP.

Last, but not least, a Hogsmeade notice really needs to be posted on Liberi Bellum at the moment, so get that done as soon as you start to hear word from the other players as to what would be a good time for them. That's it for now, but as soon as I think of more, I will add it for you in a later entry. Update your damn 'To Do' list.

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