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i am bored, whodda thunk it

My journal is called: 'Faites-moé chanter.' which means, from what I've gathered, 'Make me sing.'. I don't claim to be an expert in French or anything. In fact, I don't even speak it at all anymore. It's a line from a song that I quite enjoy that is in French and while I can't connect to the entire song personally, I find that I can connect to that one line in a number of ways. I like to sing and I often have to be forced to do things, even things that I happen to enjoy doing. The list goes on and on.

My username is: Pyreflies. Ever play Final Fantasy X? You know those little 'bug' glowy things in the Farplane and around the Moonflow? Also, what people and friends disperse into once they die? Yeah, those are pyreflies. Not only do they seem to be what all living beings in Spira are made up of, whether human, Guado, friend, Ronso, etc., they're also able to recreate memories based on a one's thoughts. People visit the Farplane in order to see those who they have lost in years gone by, but in actuality it's the pyreflies reacting to them and providing them with an almost tangible recreation. I chose Pyreflies partially due to the deeper meaning behind it in relation to myself as well as a need for something original, as I had left Amiboshi behind for a while. :O Oh noes!

My default userpic is currently is: A super-deformed Draco Malfoy hugging a lion plushie, drawn by peacekeeper. It comes from a plot that happened on Liberi Bellum where a select few characters wound up experiencing a moral principle swap, Draco being one of them. peacekeeper drew a picture of them all and I iconed the one of Draco for my actual Draco journal as an out of character icon, but then decided to actually use it on my real journal, because I <3 it. Yay!

EDIT: I was just browsing through RP journals when I came across this icon used in a Draco journal: ...Is it just me or does Draco have BOOBS?!

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